All About Us

Your peek into our kind of special.

This blog is literally All.About.Us. We are a family of 4. Dad (Daniel), Mom (Gracie a.k.a. ME!), Aiden, and Oliver.

Like most families, we have our highs, lows, and in-between’s. I am hoping that this blog provides inspiration, motivation, education, or even comic relief to anyone who comes across it.

14 years ago, Daniel and I met online. We got married a year later, and are now raising 2 boys who are 3 years apart. Aiden, our eldest son first showed signs of Autism at 2 years old. He was formally diagnosed at age 4. Oliver, our youngest is 5 and is the family’s entertainer and story-teller.

Our family’s biggest challenge is coping with Autism. It’s a very difficult road to navigate and we take wrong turns a lot and just when we think we’ve figured it out – we get a hard reality check – we have not!

Our next challenge is attempting to provide our youngest son a ‘normal’ life when almost everything we do revolves around his brother’s needs. Oliver is such a sweet kid and as parents, we fear that we are short-changing him of great childhood experiences. But are we really?

I work full time and travel a lot for work. Hubby is left with the care of the children all-day-every-day. I’m hoping to also give you an insight on how he is coping with being a full time stay-at-home homeschooling Dad without any teaching background. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And yes, you read it right – our children are homeschooled. It’s a long story but I would say it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a family. I hope to share tips, tricks, and (maybe) guides for amateur homeschool families like us.

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